Together, we can Save the Reef

Illustrating the real world impacts of climate change.

Creative fields

Advertising & Design Strategy, Illustration

The Issue

Consecutive mass coral bleaching events, caused by global warming, have resulted in the decimation of the Great Barrier Reef. Mass coral bleaching occurs when a drastic increase in ocean temperatures causes corals to become stressed and lose their colours.

The Aim

As an invisible threat, it's easy to adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards climate change. My goal was to use the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to design a memorable and impactful campaign, pushing this urgent environmental issue to the forefront of the public mind.

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Great Barrier Reef corals vector illustration

Mass coral bleaching is a complicated term — I wanted to visually communicate its meaning without the need for verbal descriptions. By using thermochromic inks which fade to grey in the heat, the printed campaign materials emulate the visual effects of mass coral bleaching.

The visual effect of thermochromic inks can be replicated using digital techniques.

As the user interacts with the campaign website, the illustrated corals slowly fade to grey. Their colours can only be restored by engaging with the campaign's calls to action.

Home page flat plan of the Together, we can Save the Reef Campaign Website.

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